BYD recommended for Argentine electric bus bid

Shenzhen-based BYD Co has been officially selected as the recommended company by an evaluation committee in Argentina for the purchase of 50 electric buses on behalf of the Ministry of Environment.The bid was launched by the Ministry of Environment as a pilot project for the introduction of electric public transport in different cities throughout the country. The bid evaluation committee chose BYD from a pool of five bidders for its successful 12-meter electric bus, which is already widely used in cities such as London, Los Angeles and Amsterdam.The Chinese company began to promote its technologies in Argentina in 2011 through its local subsidiary, especially those related to electric vehicles and public transport. In November 2011, the company signed its first memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Argentine government. BYD expects to receive the necessary allocation within the next few weeks.To better satisfy market demands, BYD plans to build a new local manufacturing plant in Argentina. This plant would bring foreign investment to Argentina, and will have a significant impact on the creation of new jobs.