Russia prepared for constructive dialogue with US

MOSCOW – Russia was ready to hold constructive dialogue with the United States on the basis of equality and non-interference, the country’s Foreign Ministry said Monday.Following a board meeting on Russia-US ties, the ministry said Washington’s willingness to return to the dialogue with Moscow was viewed positively.Russia and the US have special responsibility to maintain ” strategic stability” in the world, and the level of mutual trust between the two countries remained a key factor in international security, the ministry said in a statement.Moscow was ready to tighten collaboration with the US side particularly within the framework of Russian-US Presidential Commission, said the ministry, adding that the two sides should take into account each other’s interests and not to interfere into each other’s internal affairs.Closer trade, economic and investment relations, broader direct contacts between the two peoples serve as stabilizers for bilateral ties, said the ministry.The Barack Obama administration made significant achievements in the past four years following the “reset” policy to strengthen ties with Russia, said the ministry, citing the conclusion of the new START treaty, Russia’s accession to the World Trade Organization, among others, as successful examples.Meanwhile, the progress was hindered by thorny issues such as the missile defense, the Magnitsky Act and the inability of the US authorities to protect adopted Russian children, said the statement.